At first glance, it looks uber geeky with the Trekkie-like LCD dashboard and 5.8-inch nav screen control area, but the newest ultra compact to hit the streets from Toyota could stand to up the geek factor a bit. Unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show Tuesday, the Toyota IQ's engineering innovations allow for more room inside — despite the tiny 9-foot length, which makes it perfect for those tight parking situations in urban cities. Plus, Toyota is pumping up its work in fuel hybrids, making the IQ an example of "plug-in" electricity technology that can cover about 62 miles per gallon of gas.

However, bummer number one is that there hasn't been any mention of iPod adapters or integrated Bluetooth that have become standard in newer vehicles and other electric cars. Although, is that a laptop compartment I see in front of the passenger seat? Bummer number two is that it will be released in Paris, Rome, Berlin and Madrid by the end of 2008, but folks in the US will have to wait until later in 2009 to get their hands on one. No price has been set on this ultra compact car, but I certainly think it won't be as high as some other hybrid models Toyota has put on the road!