This geek may have known that gadgets in the bedroom might not do a sex life good, but she had no idea that there's a website that allows you to chronicle all of the dirty details of your sex life. I can officially say there's a website for everything, because with Bedpost, you can enter the date you had sex with someone, the time, how long it lasted, who it was with, you can include descriptive tags, and my fave — the star rating scale.

The site creators know that this info is as private as your financial data, so they swear it's kept confidential, secure, and can be deleted at anytime. In my opinion, if you're having sex that much and you need to keep track of who it was with, there may be other things you need besides this website — OK, I'll leave that for TrèsSugar — but I'm really interested in knowing if anyone would actually use this?