I like to fancy myself a low key, easy-to-please kind of gal, but my pet peeves are many - unmarked to do lists, terrible grammar, when people put condiments back in the fridge with their tops unscrewed, people who talk on their cell phones in small spaces and chronic text-messengers. Clearly, I am not alone.

mypetpeeves.com started keeping track of people's pet peeves and let me tell you, there are many. According to USA Today the site has recorded pet peeves from more than 100,000 from people all over the world. It looks like the top annoyances listed at the site, which is laced with animated characters and bright colors, are tailgaters and bad drivers, bad customer service, rude people and people talking on the cell phone.

One plus, reports USA Today, is that MyPetPeeves rose to fame around the same time as the National Do Not Call Registry, so while people used to complain about telemarkers, those numbers have gone down. There really is a site for everyone, isn't there?