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Transfer iPhone App Purchases to iTunes Library

Geek Tip: Easily Transfer Apps Purchased on iPhone to iTunes

One of the best parts about having the App store on your iPhone is that you can quickly and easily download new apps on the go. But when you perform your iTunes backups (and don't have your apps set to automatically sync), they don't all transfer over to your library. Frustrating? Yes. But my friend PetSugar stumbled upon a way to get all those apps purchased on your phone to your iTunes library with just a click. Find out how after the break.

By right-clicking (or command > click) on your iPhone's icon in iTunes, you'll see the option to "Transfer Purchases." Selecting that option will move all of your iPhone-purchased apps to your iTunes library. This works great if you haven't yet set your apps to sync with iTunes, or, as in PetSugar's case, she had her computer serviced by Apple, which wiped her iTunes library clean. Note that in order to move the apps over to the library, you'll need to be using an "authorized device" — no sharing apps among friends! Once you transfer all your purchases over, you can then sync your apps, and all the hard work will be done for you!

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Leon14634559 Leon14634559 3 years
How can I transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone if they use different accounts?
Blaire3329967 Blaire3329967 4 years
ohkay.. so i did the whole "transfer purchased items" to itunes thing. and im not sure if it even worked. where do i find the content ? where do the files save to. also once i transfer the purchased items, and i want to sync my apps to itunes. a pop-up comes up saying that if i sync it that the only apps that will be on my phone are the ones in the library. the thing is... the library has NO apps in it. i want to keep my apps and data on my phone but i want them synced to itunes.. .HELP?!
Chen-Fong2722235 Chen-Fong2722235 5 years
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEARLY LOST ALOT OF PAID FOR APPS!!! This site is more helpful than hours spent on the apple helps site THANKS
cybold cybold 5 years
I tried this, but like everything connected with I-tunes, it didn't work and did everything but what I wanted it to do. Why on earth can anyone think Apple products are user friendly. I have an ipod, ipad, iphone and an imac. I also have quite a few PC machines. PC equipment is very user friendly and easy to use, logical, etc. Apple stuff just sucks. It is the most user unfriendly computer equipment on the planet. Some of the stuff on Apple works better but I don't know why Steve Jobs was so anal retentive about making things to simple that they don't work. CRAZY
manisubba manisubba 5 years
I am having trouble with iphone back up all files to sync itune, it will take forever sync in back up in progresss and never be completed. I did the transfer purchase performance from iphone device as well but it can't be solved. pls some one help
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