Vacations and weekend getaways are a luxury, but they don't have to come with sky-high penthouse price tags. Follow these travel websites daily for fast-moving deals that keep holidays on budget.

  • Travelzoo — If there's a deal, it'll find it. The experts at Travelzoo work tirelessly to ensure people do not pay full price for their travels. Sign up for newsletter emails, so you get the latest deals before they're uploaded to the website.
  • Travelocity Dashing Deals — Travelocity's newest offering is its flash sale site, Dashing Deals. Each day it offers a new three- to five-star hotel deal for 50 percent off the listed price. Of course, it won't have a hotel in your destination of choice most of the time, but it sort of makes you feel like a lottery winner when the travel stars align and a perfect deal is listed.
  • Hipmunk — A clever take on the standard travel search engine, Hipmunk uses color-coded airlines and beyond-basic search parameters, like overall trip agony, to make even the "getting there" part of vacation a little less painful.
  • Airfare Watchdog — If there's a destination you're planning to visit, it's in your best interest to obsessively stalk Airfare Watchdog on Twitter. It often lists airfare sales that are so limited that waiting more than five minutes to book a fare is too late.

Source: Flickr User The-Lane-Team