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20 Travel Photos You Must Take on Your Next Trip

Feb 2 2015 - 6:00am

See ya, selfies. When it comes to traveling, taking great photos requires more of an effort and more planning than the pictures you take on the regular. How bad would it feel to come home, look through your photos, and realize you didn't get that one shot you can't re-create? To prevent that from ever happening, we're breaking down every single snap that no trip should go without. Ready, click, bookmark!

Passports and Boarding Passes

Here's a photo tip: snapping a picture of your boarding pass is a great way to remember the exact dates you traveled.

Source: Instagram user pure_wander [1]

Takeoff Views

Sure, it's a cliché, but the views are just so pretty!

Source: Instagram user suhad_rustom [2]

Welcome Signs

Consider it a classic way to document the beginning of an exciting trip.

Beautiful Architecture

It's amazing how when you're traveling, you can just look up and spot a breathtaking building or structure . . . so why not snap it?

Source: Instagram user tul_thanapol [3]

Traditional Festivals

Attending a festival or parade usually means plenty of color, tradition, and locals; in other words, the perfect photo recipe.

Famous Landmarks

The Colosseum, Machu Picchu — no travel album would be complete without photos of incredible landmarks.

Source: Instagram user eyephotias [4]

Outdoor Markets

Pick up a souvenir and then take another memento home when you capture the hustle and bustle of a lively open-air market.

City Skylines

At the top of every traveler's bucket list should be finding a place with a great view and taking a photo of the city skyline.

Source: Instagram user kolomatsky [5]

Memorable Activities

Whether the highlight of your trip was zip-lining across the rainforest or snorkeling, don't forget to take a moment and soak it all in with the help of your camera.

Source: Instagram user johnpaulbinotto [6]

Street Foods

If you stumble upon the best juice or kebab you've ever had on the streets of a new place, you'll want to remember it with a photo.
Source: Lisette Mejia

Local Life

When done right (read: respectfully), some of the best travel photos come from candids of how the locals spend their day.
Source: Lisette Mejia

Typical Streets

From cobblestone alleys to busy boulevards, shooting a street scene will give all your friends and family back home a good sense of the place.

Modes of Transportation

Traveling around town in a fun new way? Snap that scooter or tuk tuk stat!

Interesting Street Signs

Photos of cool typography in another language or elephant crossings are guaranteed conversation starters when you're back home.

Source: Instagram user carinaokula [7]

Traditional Foods

What's better than food porn? Food porn of cuisine (croissants, dim sum) straight from the place it was invented.

Source: Instagram user sonyayu [8]

Seasonal Landscapes

It doesn't matter if flowers are in full bloom or the leaves are starting to fall — every season offers plenty of opportunity for the perfect picture.

Local Animals

It's not every day that you see monkeys, elephants, or crocodiles in real life, so don't let the perfect animal picture slip you by.

"Where I Stand" Snaps

Also known as #FromWhereIStand photos on Instagram, getting your feet in the picture is the only way for people to know you were really there.

Source: Instagram user shelbtron [9]

Details, Details, Details

It's easy to get lost in the big picture in front of you, but focusing on the details (like repetition or a bright window) that you come across is a unique way to capture the destination.
Source: Lisette Mejia

Stunning Sunsets

It may be considered overkill, but with the perfect timing, a sunset photo of landmarks or beaches is downright stunning. Haters, eat your heart out.

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