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Trend: Metronapping

May 2 2007 - 9:30am

Apparently, New York City Yelo spa goers aren't the only people paying to take powernaps in geeky chairs [0] because Metronaps [1] is also offering these little sleep pods for rental in cities around the world. Like the Yelo spa, Metronaps claims a rest in their Energypods enhances workforce productivity. "The EnergyPod is designed for powernapping at work," says the company's website [2]. "A beautiful addition to the workplace, the EnergyPod improves employee morale while boosting the bottom line."

How does it work? You hop in the EnergyPod, the pod reclines, a privacy shield descends, and then you powernap for 20 minutes, whereupon the pod will wake you up with a combination of an acoustic alarm and a gentle vibration. For price and a gallery of photos,

If you're dying to have ones of these bad boys in your home or office, they are available for purchase or monthly rental (seriously though, why would you put one in your house...just get in bed!). Apparently, they will set you back about $8,000.

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