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Trend: Moleskine Notebooks

That's right folks, even in this age of BlackBerries, Treos and iPhones, the old school Moleskine notebook is making a comeback. According to Buzz Feed, my source for all things hip and hot, leather-bound notebooks are gaining a cult following as a low-tech PDA. GTD freaks and creative types - and those who are both - love the mini form factor of the Moleskine.

Sure, they don't have spell check, a web browser, calendar and built in calculator, but Moleskine notebooks (pronounced 'mol-a-skeen'-a') offer a place for us to exercise our most important geek muscle: our minds. Of course it helps that Moleskine journals have a history of popularity with artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers. How trendy are they? Companies like Moleskine US have gotten into the game by creating collection after collection of notebooks, including a line named after trendy cities like Paris, Prague, Rome, New York City and Barcelona. They cost $16.

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