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Trendy Geek-Inspired Accessories!

Apr 24 2008 - 8:00am

Unique, reasonably priced wallets and gadget cases do exist! Etsy user Quiet Doing [1] has a huge collection of some of the most hippest accessories imaginable. Choose from keyboard wallets like the one shown here, turntable wallets, and record player Nano cases — J'adore! For all of my favorites, click "start slideshow" below!

QWERTY Pocketbook Slash Checkbook Holder

Slim and sophisticated! Priced at $44 [2].

QWERTY Bifold Wallet

A smaller version of the pocketbook, this wallet is sure to fit in your pocket, or mini purse! Priced at $28 [3].

Tapes Checkbook Slash Pocketbook

So subtle, yet so bold! Priced at $44 [4].

Pocketbook Slash Checkbook Holder

Now you can play DJ with this funky pocketbook! Priced at $60 [5].

Record Slim Wallet

Can you say diva? This wallet, which comes lined in shiny gold vinyl, gets two big thumbs up! Priced at $12 [6].

iPod Nano Case - Turntablism

Slip your Nano into a little something more comfortable with one of these durable cases. Priced at $21 [7].

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