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Geek Culture
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Try Apps Before You Buy in Android Market

Try Apps Before You Buy in the Android Market

Apple has its rigorous screening process to help keep subpar apps out of its AppStore; Google's Android Market is a bit more like the Wild West of mobile app stores — there's no screening or application process, but that also means Google has less control over what shows up in the store. Now, Google has added a new, helpful feature to the Android market, allowing users to "try then buy" apps for Android devices. Users first download a free "lite" version of the app, with the option to purchase the full version via Google's new in-app purchase system.

Because the functionality is new and has just launched, there aren't too many apps taking advantage of it just yet, but Android customers can see how it works with apps that include Tap Tap Revenge and more.

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thecolor thecolor 6 years
GREAT! Now this comes along, after I feel like I was cheated out of $15 for an app I might have paid for (happily) if it was worth it (after a trial), but never even had a remote chance TO try it with the 15 minute refund policy in place. It took SO long to purchase/authorize the purchase, download, install and then finally launch, it was nearly 30 minutes before I even saw it. So, NOW I own it, but I'm not at all happy with how it went down. Sadly, this causes the developer to get a single star based on the experience of the purchase alone!
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