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Turn Off Electronics Before Takeoff 2010-12-06 14:45:04

Reminder: Please Turn Off All Electronic Devices Prior to Departure

Among the joys/mysteries of flying in this modern age, we still have to turn off all electronic devices during takeoff and landing. While the reason for this rule seems a little unclear (I've heard everything from safety reasons to reasons of possible interference with pilot communication), listening to flight crews and rules is not a suggestion, it's required by law. So, last week when a US Airways flight attendant asked Josh Duhamel several times to stop texting and turn off his BlackBerry and he refused to comply, he was reportedly escorted off of the already-delayed flight.

With so many domestic flights offering in-flight WiFi (even free in-flight WiFi!), waiting until 30,000 feet to send an email hardly seems like a travesty, especially given that until about two years ago, being 100 percent unreachable during a flight was the norm. And while I have no firsthand experience, it seems to take a little more than one refusal to anger flight crews to the point of having to be removed from the plane. Celebrity or not, do your fellow harried travelers a solid this holiday season and just turn the gadgets off.

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komler komler 6 years
Just FYI: This summer I flew from Copenhagen to Barcelona, and we had to wait before taking off - someone had left a cell phone on after the seat belt sign was on, and it had somehow deleted most of the flight information onboard. They called the responsible person over the system (tracking him via the cell phone number), to have him switch it off, and we had to wait until they could download the data again. I've come to the point where I switch off my cell phone before even entering the plane after that.
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