Among the joys/mysteries of flying in this modern age, we still have to turn off all electronic devices during takeoff and landing. While the reason for this rule seems a little unclear (I've heard everything from safety reasons to reasons of possible interference with pilot communication), listening to flight crews and rules is not a suggestion, it's required by law. So, last week when a US Airways flight attendant asked Josh Duhamel several times to stop texting and turn off his BlackBerry and he refused to comply, he was reportedly escorted off of the already-delayed flight.

With so many domestic flights offering in-flight WiFi (even free in-flight WiFi!), waiting until 30,000 feet to send an email hardly seems like a travesty, especially given that until about two years ago, being 100 percent unreachable during a flight was the norm. And while I have no firsthand experience, it seems to take a little more than one refusal to anger flight crews to the point of having to be removed from the plane. Celebrity or not, do your fellow harried travelers a solid this holiday season and just turn the gadgets off.