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Geek Tip: Turn Old CDs Into Your Own Disco Ball

These days, there's really no reason to have CDs lying around since we get our music fix on Napster and Pandora, and download our music over at iTunes. And now even with Amazon's music service.

Thankfully for Mother Earth, this reduces our need for less than eco friendly packaging and waste to pile up in landfills. So what do we do with all the old CDs whose music we now have stored in our digital libraries but are still taking up precious storage space? If you don't want to lug them down to Rasputin to trade in, make them into a killer disco ball! Although you could officially recycle them, this DIY project I caught on wikiHow is pretty simple and totally cool if you have a party pad and want to add that little extra oomph to your next soiree. All you need is a glue gun, a Styrofoam ball, (size depending on how many CDs you have), some craft scissors, a bamboo stick or skewer, some string and a little patience. To see how to construct your CD Disco Ball, just

  • Gather up all your old or unwanted CDs. Using a pair of craft or kitchen shears, cut up the CDs into little squares. Careful! This can get a little tricky and you may end up with some cuts. Wear some protective gloves just to be safe. Make sure all the squares are about the same size. This will ensure your disco ball is evenly covered. There will be some odd shaped pieces left, but it's cool, we can use some of those too, so don't toss anything yet!
  • Once all the CDs are cut up, grab your Styrofoam ball and run your bamboo stick or skewer through the center of the ball to accommodate a string (or fishing wire) to hang the ball from. Knot up one end of the string to anchor, or you can tie the string onto a small paperclip to keep the string anchored at one end. Since we'll be gluing the CDs on next, the paperclip will end up being covered anyway.
  • Start gluing the squares onto the Styrofoam ball working from the center out. This is to make sure all your squares fit nice and snug. Plus, the top and bottom will be a good place to use the irregular pieces from the edges of the CDs. Make sure you are gluing the shiny side out!
  • Obviously, you gotta let it dry! Take this time to wipe off any excess glue before it dries.
  • Once dry, hang your new disco ball in a corner, or above your entertainment center. You can even pick up an inexpensive accent light from Ikea to angle at the ball when you're ready to party!

Not only can you infuse some fun into your apartment, but help save the planet from some trash, too!


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