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Surprise, Surprise: People Are Pissed That Thor Is a Lady

Jul 15 2014 - 12:12pm

Source: Marvel [1]

Thor is now a woman [2], and people just have to deal with it. As soon as Marvel made the announcement Tuesday morning, the Internet went into a frenzy. Many Tweets were negative, but some came to the rescue and put the haters in their place — check out the most memorable ones, for better or for worse.

Both men and women immediately reacted negatively to the news.


— orka (@erika__galindo) July 15, 2014 [3]

I am so mad. Like wtf are you thinking? Why was it important to permanently change Thor from a man to a woman?

— baeymar (@truly_lame) July 15, 2014 [4]

NOOOOOOOOO!!! He is the one true god and he is all manliness. RT @JMRooker [5]: WTF, Thor is a woman now? What?

— Shay (@cherokee_autumn) July 15, 2014 [6]

Oh HELL no RT @Missinfo [7] Pass The Hammer! Marvel Says #Thor [8] Is Now A Woman - http://t.co/9ciCqtcrHP [9]

— Stephen Dacres (@SRDtv) July 15, 2014 [10]

Was just called a gay slur and told to get cancer because of the Thor news. Go Internet!

— Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) July 15, 2014 [11]

Others were confused as to how this would change the story line.

This new Thor.. where did she come from? What happens to male Thor? Thor is Thor Odinson.. does she become Thor Odinsdaughter? Like wtf.

— Susan | Veiled (@HowToPriest) July 15, 2014 [12]

Im not sure about female Thor, yay for girl power! Which is amazing but what if they try replace Chris Hemsworth in the movies! Devastation!

— Adriane King (@Miss_Dede_Lou) July 15, 2014 [13]

more female heroes is yay, but isn't Thor a dude? Isn't this like making Barbara Gordon the new Batman and still calling her Batman?

— Zac Shipley (@zacshipley) July 15, 2014 [14]

.@Marvel [15]'s change in Thor is awesome, but it does say a lot about comics history that he was a man, then a frog, then a horse, THEN a woman.

— Matt SantoriGriffith (@FotoCub) July 15, 2014 [16]

Some were frustrated at the lack of original female comic characters, while others called out the lack of racial diversity.

Ok, so Thor is being reinvented as a woman. Mixed feelings. Yay for strong female character, but wish we could have more original one.

— Amber (@buriedbybooks) July 15, 2014 [17]

Thor is a woman now. Yay for gender diversity. Shrug for racial diversity:

— Bilal S (@unfrndlyBLKhoti) July 15, 2014 [18]

Some had funny responses.

So weird how right after they announced a female Thor my salary immediately rose to that of my male counterparts.

— Twitnter is Coming (@OhNoSheTwitnt) July 15, 2014 [19]

Others came to Thor's defense . . .

"This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR." - @jasonaaron [20]

— Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) July 15, 2014 [21]

Thank you to @Marvel [22] for making this father of a 3 year old girl proud to know her comic book reading days are in safe hands. #Thor [23] @AgentM [24]

— Derek Montilla (@Cap_Kaveman) July 15, 2014 [25]

.@Marvel [26] executive editor @AgentM [27] responds perfectly to nerd rage over news that Thor will be a woman: pic.twitter.com/IBiPiqAiEJ [28]

— Neetzan Zimmerman (@neetzan) July 15, 2014 [29]

If nerds got as upset about mass shootings as they do about Lady Thor or Black-Latino Spiderman, we'd be like fricking Switzerland by Sept.

— James Rocchi (@jamesrocchi) July 15, 2014 [30]

And realized the good tweets outweighed the bad.

@POPSUGARTech [31] Such is life! I know there are more good eggs than bad.

— Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) July 15, 2014 [32]

Quick, someone make a picture of new female #Thor [33] doing the "haters gonna hate" walk!

— Adri Cowan (@AdriCowan) July 15, 2014 [34]

Source: Disney [35]

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