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Twitter Cisco Fatty Incident Reminds Us That Twitter is Dangerously Public

Public Service Announcement: Twitter Is Very, Very Public

In light of the phenomenon of the Twitter Cisco Fatty incident (if you're not familiar, the gist is that a young woman Twittered her job offer from Cisco, calling it a fatty paycheck), I feel that we need to make something abundantly clear. Twitter is very public. Sometimes, dangerously public.

Twitter is not Facebook, which while not very private itself, is more oriented toward your friends. But Twitter is a public forum. Even if you're not following or followed by strangers, you're still public. Post one buzzword, and it'll be found in a search. Not only are you at risk for relevant people finding your entry and losing something, as the Cisco fatty poster did (a job, in her case), you can also be up for public mockery, as she was.

To see what else I have to say, just


I trust that my readers are smart kids who know what's good and what's not good to post on Twitter, but we all have occasional lapses in judgment and forget just how wide-reaching the website is.

My advice: Type your 140 characters, read, breathe, read again, post.

P.S. This is not to discourage celebrities from posting juicy gossip about themselves. That's entertaining.

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runningesq runningesq 8 years
new = KNEW. durhm
runningesq runningesq 8 years
good reminder, Geek ! ... and same for FB: please remember that unless you are very selective, all of your "friends" are people you new once upon a time from elem-college-grad school, work, working out, neighbors, etc. ... I do NOT need to know that you are 3 cm dialated and 80% effacted !
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
i try to be careful when complaining about work. but usually i just complain about the errors i'm getting and not that i specifically hate working on anything in particular. also, a coworker is following me so that helps remind me to be careful of what i say.
schoolgirl867869 schoolgirl867869 8 years
I share semi private stuff but nothing I wouldn't say on youtube. Shameless self promotion my twitter is and my youtube is
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