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Twitter: Live, Breathe, Wear

Jul 14 2009 - 7:33am

Some of us can't go an hour without giving the world a 140-character long update. If that's you, then maybe you need more than just enough space to report your activities with flair: Maybe you should wear your love for Twitter on your back. I have a few suggestions.

The Custom Tweet Tee

Ridiculously proud of any of your tweets? Stick your finest in a Custom Twitter Tee [1].

The Twitter Default Profile Pic

The Twitter Profile Pic Tee [2] features Twitter in its purest form: the default profile pic.

A Tweet Necklace

The Tweet Necklace [3] discreetly tells the world you'd rather be updating.

Funny Twitter Tees

The meme of the century, Twitter, gets its own slew of assorted clever t-shirts [4].

The Twitter Necklace

This Huge on Twitter Necklace [5] brags to IRL people what you can do in 140 characters.

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