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The 24 People You Meet at Every Start-Up

Jul 8 2014 - 8:00am

Everyone has their idea of what goes down in Silicon Valley [1] and other start-up hubs. But only those who work in tech really get the people who work there — you know, the guy who dropped out of school to start his own company, the brogrammer, or the lone girl who stands out (ladies, let's change that [2]!). Even if you don't recognize these people, consider this your introduction.

Source: HBO [3]

The Person Who's Only There For the Free Food and Booze 

The CEO Who's Convinced His App Is Going to Change the World

The Start-Up Ninja Who Doesn't Talk — Because Stealth Mode

The State School Alumni Who Works Harder Than the Ivy Leaguer

The College Dropout Who's Damn Proud of It

The Guy Who Mentions His Start-Up Idea at Happy Hour but Makes You Swear Not to Tell Anyone

The Jaded Soul Who's Ready to Do Something Else

The Girl Who Used to Work For Corporate America and Never Takes Anything For Granted

The "Entrepreneur" Who's Really Just Unemployed

The Quintessential Brogrammer

The Person Whose First Company Was Bought Out by Google

The Intern Who Does Her Job Better Than Everyone Else

The Know-It-All Whose Last Start-Up Failed, but He Thinks He's Better Than Everyone

The Unicorn (aka Minority Female Developer)

The Pep Talker Who Never Lets You Down

The Girl Who Can't Code but Goes to Hackathons to Meet Potential Husbands

The Non-Coder Who Insists His Job Is More Important

The Introvert Who Mumbles in Person but Sends Long IMs and Emails

The Person Who Dresses Strictly in Free Swag

The Person Who Name Drops at Every Chance and Pretends to Be Friends With All the CEOs

The Guy Who Only Got the Job Because He Went to College With the Founder

The Start-Up Groupie Who Is Way Too Enthusiastic About Everything the Company Is Doing

The Person Who Looks Like He's Headed to a Music Festival After Work

Source: Youtube user Nacho Punch [4]

And Lastly, the IT Guy Who Refuses to Give You a New Computer Even Though Yours Is Fried

But please?

Source: BBC [5]

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