You remember the time before playlists, don't you? Those were the days where dual decks and mixed tapes ruled the world. Making a mixed tape was a big deal and not to be taken lightly. Just look at Rob Gordon in High Fidelity — making the perfect mixed tape is a laborious process that takes blood, sweat, and tears! Tears!

But since we no longer are slaves to the cassette, it seems the magic has faded with it. Handing someone a wimpy jewel case or a link to your online playlist just isn't the same. Someone else thought so, too, and is bringing back the fond memories with the Suck UK Mixed Tape USB set. It takes the best of both worlds: digital music, which is uploaded to the USB stick, and the tactile warmth of a tape case you can write on — old-school style with hearts and everything. Totally vintage geek and totally cool.