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Understanding WiFi

"My Mom Doesn't Understand WiFi"

Reader Akasha recently posted this story in the Funny Tech Stories group:

A while back I purchased a new laptop for myself and gave my mother the old one. Since this is the first laptop she's had I went home and hooked up a wireless router so that she could use it all over the house and not be tethered to the living room. Our first hiccup came when she called me concerned that the cable company hadn't charged her for the increase in the service and she didn't want to all of a sudden get a bill with multiple months worth of this additional wireless service. I explained the wireless was just the box that I bought her and there would be no charges other than the cable Internet fees she was already paying.

For the rest of Akasha's story, keep reading.

A few months later she called telling me she was downsizing her bills and she wanted me to call the cable company to disconnect the wireless and she would just plug in the computer to use the Internet. Again I explained to her that she wasn't paying for the wireless that the box was making the house a wireless hotspot, not the cable company.

Recently we went through it again. After a power outage she called me completely enraged over the lack of support she was getting from the cable company trying to get the wireless reset, and that she was going to just cancel the wireless service. I finally got it working for her with a little help from the 14-year-old neighbor. I kind of blame the cable company for not having customer service for the non-tech.


I don't think she's ever going to understand that the wireless is the box and not the cable company beaming a signal to her house. Maybe she's just ahead of the times and I shouldn't be making fun of her.

Are your parents, grandparents, sisters, or friends as tech-savvy as you? Do you have a funny story to share? Then tell us about it by posting to our Funny Tech Stories group! Your story could end up on GeekSugar.

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ChristineCarlson1385256834 ChristineCarlson1385256834 3 years
My over 60 friend wasn't able to see his photos that he uploaded to the Verizon wireless website from his cell phone on day. He had asked me to help him so I was able to help him at home. He called Verizon and asked why he couldn't see his photos on the website. Verizon explained that they were having issues with the website and that other customers could not see their photos. After the rep got done explaining that the problem would be taking care of, he asked her if they would be sending out a technician to his house to take care of the problem. I tried not to bust out laughing!
lindzers lindzers 7 years
Maybe try using the analogy of a TV remote to explain it? She's paid for the remote and doesn't have to pay the cable company any extra to wirelessly change the channel.
siarlas siarlas 7 years
My mum did something similar when I set her up with a wireless router. She kept asking me if 'they' know that she's using a router and would they start charging her for it. One month her bill was higher than usual (her data allowance was rather low and it was easy to go over it) and she said that they had charged her for using her internet on two computers...
witchbaby witchbaby 7 years
that's a really cute story. My parents both think they need to click the AOL button to look at things on the internet.Its my biggest pet peeve when I walk into the room and see that stupid AOL browser open. This has been going on for years!! >.< And when I do open Safari or Firefox they are like O_o omg what is this?? what do i click to start it up??
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