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UnevenGoogle Tilts Your Search Results

Play a Practical Joke on Your Friends With UnevenGoogle

First, a disclaimer: I am not really advocating practical joke-playing, but this new site is cracking me up, and I must confess, I can't wait to switch the bookmarks on someone's browser. At first look, UnevenGoogle doesn't look much different from the regular Google homescreen. Upon closer look, something about it just seems a little bit off. Can you see it?

UnevenGoogle is just what its name implies — the Google homepage, slightly tilted. It's fully functional, so even if you type in search terms, you'll see the results displayed on a slight angle. And clicking on any search result will keep that page tilted, too. After clicking around for a few minutes, I found myself sitting at my desk with my head slightly tilted to the right, reading a list of search results. Slightly annoying, but mostly funny, UnevenGoogle is good for a few minutes of laughter, if nothing else!

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