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Unfriend Your Ex Day on Feb. 13

Are You Still Friends With Your Ex on Facebook?

I realize that our wise words to unfriend your ex right away on Facebook may fall on deaf and confused ears. While making a clean break can help you mentally heal from a breakup (not to mention keep things in perspective emotionally), it seems that not a lot of you follow this rule. According to a study performed by YourTango, 48 percent of respondents say that they check out their ex's Facebook profile too often. And surprise — this study doesn't just apply to newly single gals; 42 percent of married women say that they find themselves clicking on an ex's profile more often than they should, and 36 percent say that this attachment interferes with their marriage. Yikes! In response, YourTango is declaring Feb. 13 "Unfriend Your Ex Day," giving you the push you need to dump that dead weight from your social networks. You should seriously consider taking the plunge.

I've never been one to hold on to the past, and I find it quite hard to be friends with exes (even digitally). But what about you — are you still friends with your ex on Facebook?

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bluestar bluestar 6 years
NO, no, no, NO! Not even friends with people I've dated more than 3 times. It seems like in the past, when I have, I've ended up hooking up with them again and continued our unhealthy cycle. One was NOT over me so he would comment on every single thing I posted. It freaked me out so much. I will never be friends with exes OR boyfriends on there, just makes things messy.
amber512 amber512 6 years
No, but to be fair I don't have any exes, so it doesn't really apply.
reboehme reboehme 6 years
I'm not Facebook friends with with an ex of mine, he right away unfriended me when we broke up. Though I still have to deal with seeing us both tagged in pictures from a friend's birthday party.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
i am friends with two of my exes. neither of them update much, so it was easy to ignore them after the breakup. since i'm happily dating somebody else, i really don't care about when they randomly pop up on my newsfeed.
banafarsh banafarsh 6 years
probably the most awkward thing is to suffer this ridiculously heartbreaking break up with someone-- get online a few hours later and check your mutual friends' pages and notice your ex posting videos and links, and "loling" and "hahaing" as if nothing ever happened. that's what the "block list" is for. if he/she types on mutual friends' pages, you can't see it. it's invisible. block him/her from a social networking site, and soon enough you'll block him/her from your life forever.
stellaRuby stellaRuby 6 years
Not friends with any of my ex's.
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
No. No. No.
roseate roseate 6 years
I'm with KeLynns. Just hide your ex from your news feed unless you absolutely know you never want to contact your ex again. I'm still facebook friends with my ex and his new girlfriend (a mutual friend--it really sucked when they got together), though I'm not in contact with him, and I'm only sort of in contact with her.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
I didn't realize friends and facebook friends were the same thing.
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
Yes, I'm friends with my ex. We only dated for 5 or 6 weeks, and it was a relatively painless breakup (on my end, at least, dunno how he felt about it). We're still friends though, not just on Facebook. We talk. :P
KeLynns KeLynns 6 years
I don't get why I would want to. Maybe right after the breakup it could sting to see his status updates, but does that mean you won't *ever* want to be in touch with him? Just hide him from your news feed until you're over it. I can't imagine having someone be that big a part of my life just to drop them from my radar.
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