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Unfriending Facebook Friends

Reader Redux: What Causes You to Unfriend Someone?

According to The New York Times, one of the most common reasons for unfriending someone on Facebook is if they post too frequently — but according to the GeekSugar Community, there are many, many more.

Here's what you had to say about what kind of Facebook behavior warrants unfriending:

  • "I unfriend anyone whom I realize shouldn't have 'access' to my life. It's not that I air everything out on Facebook, but I am cognizant of what I post, sp if I don't feel comfortable sharing it with certain people, then this same people really shouldn't be connected to me in the first place. I take this same approach for accepting friend requests as well." — missiza
  • "Another person just got defriended (today) for always talking about G-d in her updates ('Praise the lord for passing that test', etc.). And not just once...literally at least 3 times a day she was either praising Jesus or praying for something or another. It was just enough." — pinkflake2

Check out more of what you had to say after the break.

  • "When they send me invites for applications or events that have nothing to do with me in any which way or form." — alf9280
  • "When my untalented 'friends' from High School whom I haven't seen in nearly 10 years invite me to every rap battle, improv open mic night and rock shows at local community centers they're in. Peace out, click!" — Amanyaj
  • "Nonsense status messages like... 'so and so is......????' Why would you even bother typing it out. The only reason is to get people to ask what's up so you can air your dirty laundry." — gamingshark

Have another reason for unfriending? Share it below!

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