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Urban Outfitters Retrocam Looks Like an Old-Fashioned Photography Setup

Get an Old-Timey Webcam — Without the Shattering Lightbulb!

If you were inspired by my Steampunk post the other day or are regularly intrigued by Vintage Geek posts like I am, then I think you'll be into this old-fashioned looking webcam, the Retrocam!

You won't have to slave over a new webcam and steampunk it into fanciness, nor will you have to suffer through the shattering old bulbs or put your head underneath a black cloth like in the olden days. Even though that sounds awesome.

Only $35, but here's a nonsensical drawback — it's not Mac-compatible, and yet Urban Outfitters is displaying it with a Mac. D'oh!



jennacyde jennacyde 9 years
Very cute. But I have no good use for a webcam. Not that I'm above inventing one ;)
devils devils 9 years
that's really a photographer, i'd get it. poo it doesn't work for mac though.
hautepink hautepink 9 years
how unfair! you'd think the company that makes that camera would WANT it to work with a mac!
neko neko 9 years
If nothing else, it would look nifty on a desk :)
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