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Use Amazon to Find Ink and Toner Printer Refills For Cheaper

Geek Tip: Let Amazon Find Your Printer Refills

I know I boasted about being out of the printer game, freeing up the desk space for more efficient things a few months ago, but it appears I'm back in — my boyfriend and I decided that we really needed a scanner, and Ta-Da! Our scanner came with a printer (bonus: it makes my Fandango outings a lot easier).

So now it looks like I will be back to shopping for one of the most annoying things to shop for ever: printer ink refills. However, Lifehacker tipped me off to the best place to find refills: Amazon's Ink and Toner Finder. Simply select your printer manufacturer and the model, and Amazon will return results for everything that will work in your printer, even generic brands, so you get the best savings!

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EvilDorkGirl EvilDorkGirl 8 years
If you care about good print quality, go for the more expensive inks. They have more pigment in them than cheaper brands, which makes for better color and quality. But for movie tickets, hell yeah, go with the el cheapo stuff.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
For someone who IS NOT technically challenged there is nothing more annoying trying to find the right refill cartridges or toners for printers. Good for Amazon.
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