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Geek Tip: Use Evernote to Track Your Spending

With all the holiday shopping you'll be doing over the next few weeks, you're bound to accumulate a ton of receipts. But instead of keeping them all in a shoebox you may forget about later, why not use this handy trick a friend of mine discovered to help her stay organized. I'm already a fan of EverNote, and although you can use its app on your Blackberry or iPhone to save notes, photos, and links you want to remember later, you can also use it to keep a digital copy of your receipts.

Just by taking a photo of your receipt and storing it in EverNote, you'll have a backup copy just in case anything happens to your original, or you just want to keep a running tally on your spending. This is also good for sending in those time-consuming expense reports — just photograph your receipts with a cell and send 'em on in! Best of all, you can access your info on your phone or home computer for later organizational reference.

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