Oh, how I hate tabbing back and forth from Firefox to iTunes. It just takes so much time! If you're a geek, you know our goal is to make things easier for ourselves, not to control + tab our life away. Thankfully, we have FoxyTunes, to allow us to control our music player — right from the convenience of our browser.

To learn how FoxyTunes works,

FoxyTunes works with your music player to put the controls in view, giving you the ability to skip, go back, pause and play right on Firefox. And now with the new feature "FoxyTunes Planet," Foxy will pump you full of info, videos, photos, top stories and show similar artists to the artist you are currently playing. And don't think FoxyTunes is just for the Apple fans out there, either. Foxy has a big list of apps it supports for your listening pleasure. Have a cool download you'd like to share with the class? Join our Download of the Day group and let us in on your little secret!