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Use Getmooh to Bail on Bad Social Situations

Geek Tip: Get Outta There With Getmooh

Have you ever been at a lame party or on a less-than-stellar date and would give your left arm for an excuse to bail? Then today's geek tip is for you. Getmooh can get you out of a sticky situation quick, just by ringing your cell phone. All you have to do is enter your cell number, specify what time you want to be called, and which "excuse" you want to use. Voila! You'll be validating your parking ticket and on your way home before Gossip Girl's credits start to roll.

But Getmooh doesn't just ring your cell phone, it tells you what to say for a truly believable conversation. For example, when your fictitious roommate locks herself out of your apartment, Getmooh calls and says: "Repeat after me: 'Hey how's it going?' (pause) 'Oh no, where are you now?" — you get the picture.

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