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Use Google Sync to Synchronize Your Gmail and Google Calendar to Your BlackBerry

Simply Sync Up Your Google Goods on Your BlackBerry

Want to access your Google calendar events on your BlackBerry? Or what about sync up your phone's contacts with your Gmail contacts so you have a backup if you ever lose your phone? Easy peasy thanks to Google Sync for the BlackBerry, which has been around for some time now, but I realize not everyone knows about its fabulosity.

Just go to on your BlackBerry's browser and then click on the Download Google Sync link. Once you arrive there, click on Get link and then download. The BB sync icon will then be on your home screen. Once you click on the icon, enter your Google Account username and password. From there, left click on the button beside your scroll wheel and click on options to set what tools you want sync'd — like your calendar, or just your contacts. Keep in mind it will take a few minutes for the first sync to be completed.

In other good syncing BlackBerry news — RIM will be coming out with a fancy BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the Mac this Fall. The suite will allow you to perform firmware updates, add and remove apps, sync your BB with iTunes, create backups, and more.

JennBailey0706 JennBailey0706 7 years
I just had a question - what is the calendar on the phone in the picture above? Is it a google calendar, or the stock calendar on the BB? I love the color coding!
darkangeldaria darkangeldaria 8 years
This was one of the very first apps I put on my BB Curve :) Love it!
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 8 years
Little but very cool hidden tricks the BB had have fOR US. I want one now! :)
esanderc esanderc 8 years
Gosh, it is so random that you wrote about this today of all days. After reading an old post of yours about using blackberries and google to keep yourself organized I realized that I had stopped using the calendar on my google account and my blackberry because I got tired of having to enter everything twice. I went to my google account, opened my calendar and for the first time noticed the sync link at the top of the page. I learned how to do this just a few hours ago and I'm super excited to be more organized now!
dexaholic dexaholic 8 years
Oh sure... a few days after I upgrade to an iPhone from a BlackBerry! Where was this before?! Loving the iPhone, by the way!
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