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Use the Lomo Effect to Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photos

Geek Tip: Lomo-fy Your Digital Photos

After all the fun I had making my photos look like tiny models with the Tilt-Shift effect, I had to look for something new to add to my effects arsenal. I love my Lomo camera and the effect it produces, but to be honest, I don't always have the cash to throw down for film or development. It can get pretty darn expensive! Given the fact that the latest Lomo camera, the Lomo LC-Wide goes for a whopping $389, I figure we could all use a bit of a break from temptation.

We can save some cash together by playing around with our digital photos in Photoshop with the Lomo Effect. It makes your pics look like they were expertly shot and developed using the plastic cameras with just a few simple steps. Check out the great tutorial here, and afterwards share with us your Lomo-fied pics by uploading them to our Cool Capture group!


BalooB BalooB 8 years
People never believe that my Holga shots are unphotoshopped, but I would not dare take those images into photoshop. With regard to film and things being expensive for Lomos, I bought 30 rolls of recently expired 120 format off an online auction for a couple of dollars for each roll, so thats an idea. Another thing I know a lot of my friends who use Lomos do is scan their negs in on film scanners, which saves bucket loads of cash!
steen steen 9 years
I love love love this tutorial! The fun thing about it is how you can tweak it yourself to change the outcome a little bit. I have a Photoshop action that I use; it does all the work for me. All I have to do is remove some layers and adjust it! I will definitely have to upload some of my lomo photos. I love it!
supercharger5150 supercharger5150 9 years
I have about 20 of the 'lomo' cameras. I like the Pop9 and Octomat. I did a school project with them all once. It was tough to convince people the images weren't digital.
lovelylei lovelylei 9 years
cool you got the colorsplash! looks like we're the only lomographers here lol i don't use my digital cameras anymore after i finally discovered how awesome film can be but i'll try those photoshop tips sometime, thanks! lomo on.
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