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Geek Tip: Use MyStickies to Remember Why You Love a Webpage

You know how you have a thousand sticky notes of all colors around your desk, reminding you to do this, or that, and the other? And I'm sure you have a gazillion (that's a lot!) bookmarks of various web pages that you don't even remember what made you bookmark them in the first place. I know I do! Well, what if you could use those handy sticky notes on the web as a little reminder of what you liked about those sites — so you can get around those frequent brain farts? Well, wish no more my friends, like Ginko is to your brain, MyStickies is for the web.

As much as I loved Clipmarks (and still do, I use it almost daily), MyStickies is a quicker way to leave a little note to yourself telling you what deets to remember about a particular site. To see how it works,


Essentially, you can place your stickies anywhere on the web, just by alt+clicking and making your own little sticky note. Leave yourself a note about a laptop bag, a quote you want to remember or a cool hotel you want to check out for your next vacay. Plus, MyStickies gives you an easy way to sort through your piles of stickies on your "MyStickies" page, so you never lose them. It's totally cool, you should check it out. Currently, you can download an extension on Firefox for super-easy sticking, or use as a bookmark for other browsers. Plus, it's free, which is more than I can say for those little yellow ones you have stuck to your computer monitor!


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