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Use Zotero to Help You Organize Your Research

Cool Download: Zotero

File this one under "awesome tools to help you finish your term paper," especially if there is heavy research involved. The extension is called Zotero, and it's too bad I didn't have this back when I was in school, since it would have made my life so much easier!

Zotero works on your Firefox browser to help you organize and keep track of your links, notes, and photos that you need to finish up your research. But unlike other bookmarking extensions, Zotero allows you to take additional notes, tag, and organize your collection of mind blowing data right on the web page you're checking out. And although it's super handy to use while surfing the Internet for facts, you can also use Zotero offline if you're cruising through Word Docs or eBooks that you have stashed away on your hard drive.

Find out how to get and use Zotero when you


It's easy to install and use Zotero. Just install the extension, and you'll see the Zotero logo right on your browser. Zotero follows you like other extensions wherever you are on the web, so you'll never be without it. By clicking the icon, you'll open the Zotero interface, which will house your notes, links, tags, and folders so you can keep yourself organized. Entering items is easy too, as you just click the second icon in your location bar, and the webpage contents are instantly added to your "collection" for you to edit, tag, and take notes.

Check out a Zotero demo video here, but you might as well download it now. Trust me, it will save you a ton of headaches the next time you're researching at all hours for that mid-term!

Join The Conversation
sandrayates sandrayates 8 years
I'm very amazed at the great stuff coming from the free software developers, like Zotero and WizFolio. WizFolio just released a feature that searches the publisher's website for PDFs for your collected references. It's very cool and it seems to support more stuff like Youtube Videos and patents! Has anyone tried it?
sandrayates sandrayates 9 years
Zotero is nice but it requires installation and there's no sync feature (yet). I would recommend Wizfolio ( It can do most of the things Zotero can (like grabbing links, citation data) and users can access their collection anywhere by just logging into their account.
magickalrealism magickalrealism 9 years
It has other applications, to, especially if you are doing any kind of business or organizational research. I'm not in college and I still find it vastly useful.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
if only this existed a decade ago when i was in college!
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