Jamie Lynn Spears's pregnancy at 16 is being splashed across the internet and tabloids. It is being blamed on her upbringing and her sister's influence — but what about the sex education that American teens are failing to get in school and at home? Whether it's abstinence-only education that certain states are getting, or just an inability to effectively reach people, something's wrong if teen birth rates are up for the first time in 15 years (according to the CDC). What we do know is that teens are online more and more, and the sex educators at the ongoing SexTech conference in San Francisco want to use that to their advantage, SF Gate reports. They want to use the internet for sex ed, more than the ability to Google info, by utlizing text messages, podcasts, and computer games to exploit the comfort of anonymity to get real information about sex into kids. I think this would be useful for teens and anyone needing to know something they are reticent to call their doctor up and ask. Would you use this?