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Vacation Gadgets: Don't Forget To Make A List!

Vacation Gadgets: Don't Forget To Make A List!

I'm taking a mini vacation this three-day weekend and was inspired by FabSugar's geek gear packing list for her trip to New York Fashion Week. While I won't be hitting up NYC, I will be catching some rays at my friend's cottage in Northern California and hope to get some work and photography done. As always, I'll probably be packing last minute and realized I should create an organized packing list. If you're traveling by plane you probably can't lug all these items with you, but rest assured I'll be loading up my trunk!

There are really only three gadgets I can't leave home without: My phone (I'll be taking my iPhone on its maiden voyage!), my charger (I really wish I had the wireless charging pad) and a set of headphones, which I use to drown out unwanted noise and have a few minutes of downtime. Of course, if you're traveling out of your home country you might want to pick up an outlet adapter.

Scroll through the widget below for the most important traveling gadgets!

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Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
always make and list and then end up forgetting something anyway
brokeinthecity brokeinthecity 10 years
@LiquidFae: Yea I know.. I'm nuts aren't I? The only thing though is I don't go back home for months at a time. When I leave to travel for a project, I don't go back on the weekends, I stay there for the 2-12 months until it's done. I sightsee, I stay in the hotel on the weekend, so I basically bring everything and live out of a suitcase as if the hotel is my home. @Jennifer777: No problem :) I always forget mine, or lose 'em, and this is a cheap easy way to get one. There are a TON of them at any given hotel.
Jennifer777 Jennifer777 10 years
Thanks brokeinthecity for the tip about cell chargers...I am constantly forgetting mine at home.
brokeinthecity brokeinthecity 10 years
Oh, and I also have a GameBridge ($14) cord that converts my laptops into TVs if needed so I can play the Wii on my laptops at any time, if the hotel TV doesn't allow you to use the video/sound cables ;) God.. I feel like a freak. Fabulously Broke in the City
brokeinthecity brokeinthecity 10 years
I'm on the road 100% of the year (hopefully). And I don't go back home, until the project is over... I normally carry the following at any given time: 1. 2 laptops (one work, one personal) with 2 power cords. Considering getting 2 cords - one to leave at client site, one to leave in my hotel room. Did I mention I also have a client-site laptop? That makes 3 laptops in total. 2. 2 cellphones (one work, one personal) + 2 chargers, although if you lose your cellphone charger you can always ask the hotel front desk for a charger - they have a HUGE box of them leftover from hotel guests who forget their charges. No joke :) Saves you $30. 3. A Wii system + games -- you can only watch TV or read a book at night so much. 4. USB keys (2 of them, one for work, the other as my fast backup of files in case something crashes or blue screens on my laptops) 5. Fuji Finepix Digital camera + dock (essential for sightseeing on my weekends in cities). Considering upgrading my SD card to 1GB or more. 6. PDA - Tungsten E2 (considering getting a GPS Navigator 5 system for this + antennae so I can finally stop getting lost in foreign cities). Also a handy organizer, calculator, list-maker, address book... can also make phone calls from it, but *shrug* I have a cell for that 7. 3 External hard drives (40GB, 120GB, 160GB - can you tell I upgraded as I went along?) More compact and stylish to carry than a HUGE binder of videos and movies. My 160GB is movies, my 120GB is music/other, and my 40GB is my backup for pictures, information and programs that can help me out in a pinch 8. Powerbar - I have a lot of things to charge/plug in, so a powerbar is essential, the hotel just doesn't have enough plugs 9. RJ45 LAN cable - some hotels don't provide this, or they aren't long enough to reach to my bed when I want to sit up and work 10. Belkin wireless router - ditto. Some hotels don't have wireless, so I set up my own system configuration on my floor and encrypt it - easy solution so I can have my 2 laptops online at once, anywhere in the hotel room. 11. 2 mice - one for each laptop 12. 2 iPod shuffles - one for working out (hard heavy beats), one for just walking to work (more relaxing) 13. 2 headphones (given) :) 14. An extra battery for my cellphone that's charged, so when I use it a lot, and it dies, I can pop in the other battery any time when I don't have a charger on hand. That about covers it.. and I organize all the cabling cords with hairbands (or hair ties) and I group them all together in plastic bags... Phew!! Fabulously Broke in the City
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
I agree that laptops are totally invaluable when travelling - i brought mine to India for 6 months and even in cheap hotels and on trains I wasn't worried about theft. I watched movies, played games, uploaded pictures etc on it. the problem was that the electricity fluctuates so much there that my old G4's batteries (i took an extra one) kinda got messed up a bit. i totally need a video camera!
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 10 years
Thanks for this geek! I'm just making my packing list for vacation as I browse! Perfect timing. I agree with macgirl though - totally can't forget the laptop mouse! Additionally, I can't leave home without the GPS unit :)
macgirl macgirl 10 years
Just got back from Hawaii, we took: 2 MacBook Pros 2 AC adapters 2 iPhones 2 iPhone cables for charging 1 Apple bluetooth headset 1 Canon D10 1 Canon Powershot sd450 (I think that's my model?) 1 battery charger for the Powershot 1 Flash card reader 1 set of nice noise cancelling headphones 2 sets of iPhone headphones 2 mice 1 HD video camera 1 firewire 80gb external hard drive 1 verizon broadband card What we forgot: chargers for the Canon D10 and Video camera :-( With all of that we did manage to set the technology down and enjoy the beaches. That's a pretty common gadget list regardless of our destination. I'm pretty sure if my husband didn't own our mac business I wouldn't travel with half of that. Since he does, I don't ever feel like I can really disconnect from the clients back home :-(
c0rkie c0rkie 10 years
that reminds me. i need to get an adapter ^^
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