Join the Dark Side With the Vader Project

While there's never a shortage of Star Wars inspired art, The Vader Project kinda hangs in a class of its own. DKE Toys launched the project over four years ago, commissioning 100 of the world's most notable street artists — like Tokidoki, Paul Frank, Frank Kozik, and Dalek — to reinterpret Darth's iconic black helmet. The results are humorous, smart, but mostly just plain out of the ordinary.

For the first time ever, these helmets are going to be made available for purchase (via auction) with bidding on most starting at $1,500. If you don't have that kind of dough to spend, there are two last chances to see the collection as a whole: this month during the Los Angeles Preview Exhibition, and at Freeman's Auction House in July. And for the rest of us? Well, there's always the Vader Project catalog ($40).

Wow amazing.
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