Verizon announced yesterday that it will refund $90 million to 15 million customers who were wrongly charged for Internet and data use on recent bills. The refund, which is one of the largest ever offered, came after news of a possible FCC investigation into customer complaints about unauthorized charges on their bills. The refunds will be between $2 and $6 per customer, and will show up as a credit on October or November billing statements. Customers who have left the Verizon network will be issued a refund check for any money they're owed.

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The charges affected Verizon customers without data plans but whose phones initiated data usage when using certain built-in functions, or those customers who were mistakenly billed for inadvertent Web access. The refunds are in response to three years' worth of complaints from Verizon users who were billed for essentially pressing the wrong button. While the $90 million may refund customers (and ex-customers), Verizon may still be subject to FCC fines for over-charging its customers.