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Verizon Offers $200 to Recent Customers For iPhone Upgrades:

New Verizon Customers Can Get $200 Credit For iPhone Purchase

Although new Verizon customers won't be able to participate in previous upgrade programs, they will get a bit of a late Christmas gift from the wireless company if they're looking to buy a new iPhone when it hits next month.

While current eligible customers can still use their $200 "New Every Two" credit toward an iPhone 4, if brand-new Verizon customers (who joined between Nov. 26 and Jan. 10) want to get an iPhone as well, Verizon will give them a $200 Visa gift card when an iPhone 4 is purchased at regular price by Feb. 28. Be prepared for sticker shock when you head into your local Verizon store on Feb. 10 to get the deal. Find out how much you'll actually pay after the break.

Paying for a Verizon iPhone at full price means you'll have to shell out $650 for a 16GB and $750 for a 32GB model, bringing your total out-of-pocket expenses down to $450 and $550, respectively. Oh, and you'll have to return your old phone, so selling your handset for more cash seems out of the question. From Verizon's iPhone FAQs:

I just purchased a new smartphone during the holiday season, but if I knew that iPhone 4 was going to be available soon I would have waited. What are my options now?

Current Verizon customers who purchased and activated new smartphones, feature phones or certified pre-owned phones between 11/26/2010, and 01/10/2011, are eligible to receive up to a $200 Visa debit card when they purchase an iPhone 4 at full retail price by 02/28/2011 and return their existing phone. Note: This offer is only available on consumer accounts with five lines or less, who are purchasing iPhone 4 through Verizon Wireless retail stores, telesales, or through

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ThePinkGeek ThePinkGeek 6 years
This article is wrong. I just logged onto the verizon's website. the 16 GB phone is $199.99 with new 2 year activation. not the $650 they are claiming above
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 6 years
Thats more then what it cost when it first came out! I had no intentions of getting an iphone, but all these policy changes make me want to drop verizon. I would gladly pay to get out of there world of insanity.
MsChoo MsChoo 6 years
If you paid for your old phone I dont see why you would have to give it back to them. Smash it up and say oops, it got accidentally ran over, here you go.
ThePinkGeek ThePinkGeek 6 years
Why do you have to return you're existing phone?!?!?! We're already paying them $650 - $750.... Dang. I like keeping a back up for if my current phone bugs out on me and I need a temporary phone to hold me over until my new one gets fixed. I really don't see the point in returning my old phone. in my opinion it's just silly.
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