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This year at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival, a panel of experts came together to discuss Getting Girls Into The Game: Designing and Marketing Games for Female Players.

As the population of female gamers continues to rise, game developers and media enterprises are reportedly working hard to create games that women will love. To do this, they are striving to tap into the female player market in order to understand what the latest trends and expectations are of this new demographic.

The experts of the panel agreed that the Nintendo Wii is brilliant because " it's cutesy and for girls, but because it makes gaming fun for everyone, not just the hardcore console crowd." I am not of the camp that video games need to be tailored to women in order to appeal to them, but I know it does help. I also know this is a touchy subject for both men and women.

I once asked the editor of Play Girlz what she'd say to someone that assumed women hate or aren't interested in video games and she said: Well I probably wouldn’t say anything. I’d email them, or IM them, or send in-game tells with disapproving emotes. And then it’s likely that I’d challenge them to a “friendly” PvP duel, pwn them, and then do a little victory dance … and then I’d do my nails.

To see what else the panelists had to say about designing video games for women, check out the story on Joystiq.

Oh and boys, I know that is a PlayStation controller in the photo by the way. I may not be Ingrid Diaz, but I've been around the game room!


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ms_mags ms_mags 10 years
I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I've grown up on Legend of Zelda and the Castlevania franchises so I'm not completely out of the loop. I just don't like the shooting games.
christie christie 10 years
My fiance plays and I play sometimes. There is a college that gives HUGE scholarships to girls who want to get into programming for games. They are starting to realize girls do actually make up a pretty big part of the market.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
Gaming is my dirty little secret. The Wii is making more acceptable to game as a woman. My pink DS doesn't get me many funny looks. If I let out that I own two Xbox 360's, two 55" tv's and put on a headset to play Rainbow Six Las Vegas with my husband via system link.. the room goes silent. "Honey, you breach and I'll clear this time" ;-) I love it. I was the one that noticed it was out and went on the hunt to find two copies. We play at night after my son goes to bed. It can be addictive and make for a tired morning ;-) I should have him take a picture of me in my headset while I'm in heavy combat.. I'm sure it's funny ;-)
ALivelydragon ALivelydragon 10 years
I am a big fan of Guitar Hero..It Rocks!
Acornucopiaofluv Acornucopiaofluv 10 years
Most of my friends are gamers, and it takes a lot of skill to get respect when playing with them, but I'm glad to see that they're looking into what female gamers want. Finally, we get noticed
Janners Janners 10 years
Oi, this is absolutely a frustrating topic for me... I got a pink DS lite(trading in my teal fat one) to try to get my non gaming friends into it, with Elite Beat and Cooking Mama as the games! It doesn't help! There's just this stigma that girls hold towards gaming... none of my friends approve, haha it's awfully upsetting! None of the things that interest me are overly girly, I mean tomorrow I plan on playing Gears, Oblivion and Bulletwitch... but then I will be playing the matching game with my green Wii when it's released... and'll be playing Gears only after I get home from Aveda and levis shopping. It's just a matter of interests!
seaweed1 seaweed1 10 years
i for one enjoy Tiger Woods 2005 edition ... a cheat code allows you to play as Justin Timberlake - & he is better than the Sunday Tiger. Dorky ... but so fun. Who says they don't already make games for girls! ps - i know you all played the original nintendo's Little Mermaid game. fess up. x's & o's from sunny florida tara*
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