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Video Sharing App Viddy

Viddy: The Instagram of Video

Instagram revolutionized photo-sharing on the web, and its video equivalent Viddy (free) is set to do the same. Like Instagram, Viddy is an app that lets users quickly capture, edit, and share media.

Viddy is a place for turning fleeting moments into minimovies, which is why the app limits videos to no more than 15 seconds. Capture everyday memories with the advanced video camera settings and an extensive library of visual effects. It's no surprise that Viddy recently celebrated its 40 millionth user; the in-app features are fast, and the interface is easy to navigate. Even our very own PopSugar has a Viddy account!

How would you use Viddy to share your daily life with friends? Download the app for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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Suzanne3651500 Suzanne3651500 4 years
Hardly anyone has time to view full-length videos on mobile devices, that is why the ClipClock mobile app is so great. If you are always on the go and you don't want to miss video shared by your friends, then ClipClock is the excellent app for you. Learn more about this amazing mobile app now by visiting
Lang3382130 Lang3382130 4 years
Come check out my Viddy's at LangNYC! I've been using Viddy for over a year and it's so cool to see my life in Viddy. I look back on my Viddy's and it's like a Diary of my Life.
Bradley3381885 Bradley3381885 4 years
I know Instagram came first, but I can't wait for the day when Instagram is referred to as "The Viddy of photos."  With all the great improvements I have seen from Viddy over the past year, I can tell you this company is really going places.   I look forward to the future and what it has to offer!
Alan3381852 Alan3381852 4 years
This app is pretty darn sweet. I wonder how long it will take Facebook to buy THEM out for $1billion.
Scott3381802 Scott3381802 4 years
Love Viddy - Super easy to use, but following is the fun part for me. You never really know who's writing a tweet or even really taking a picture (unless the person is in the picture), but you always know when a person films a video. You hear their voice, you see their style and personality... that's neat.
Evan3381794 Evan3381794 4 years
Viddy Time!!!
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