It's obvious I'm a fan of Project Runway, so it should come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to mingle with the contestants of the show and chat about their new-found love for technology during a NYC meet-and-greet sponsored by HP. Along for the ride? The one and only Vivienne Tam, whose work with HP has produced two stunning examples of how fashionable technology can really be.

I got some face-to-face time with the designer and spoke with her about how technology inspires her work, and if she'll be continuing her relationship with HP (spoiler: she is!). Check out my interview below!

  • On how technology affects her designs: I can’t live without technology every day. I use computers every day to generate my prints. I take pictures, I scan something that I love and blur it on the computer to make my prints.

To see what she has to say about being a technology geek, and about her future projects, just


  • How things started with HP: It was one and a half years ago, HP came to me because they wanted to do a woman’s computer. You look at a computer, and it’s all male dominated — like the gray color, black, steel colors. You need to take care of the woman, the fashionable woman. We need to bring fashion to technology and think of femininity too.
  • On future tech endeavors: People think that I’m a fashion-tech person or something, I love it. Together with HP we launched this fashion-and-technology a year and half ago. It’s a new trend.
  • On if there'll be more things to come with HP: We’re continuing, we can’t say it at this moment!

Stay tuned for Project Runway's Jay and Seth Aaron's thoughts on fashion and technology a bit later this week!

Source: Flickr user hp_pc