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WWDC 2010 Rumors: Which Will Come to Pass?

I know you've been on the edge of your seat all weekend, just dying to know what will be announced at the WWDC kickoff today. Besides the obvious — the movie-worthy iPhone 4 — there have been a few other rumors swirling around. Take a gander at a few of them, and tell me if you think they'll be more than rumor by day's end:

  • Free MobileMe — There have been reports of MobileMe subscribers' status switching from "Individual" to "Full Member" over the weekend. This leads some to believe that the MobileMe service will soon become free for all.
  • New Apple TV — The evidence is pretty overwhelming that a new and improved $99 Apple TV will be making an appearance this year.

To see the rest and to put your predictions in writing, just keep reading.

  • New iPod Touch — Photos surfaced of a camera-packed iPod Touch a few weeks back, which gets me excited for the long-awaited refresh.
  • iTunes in the cloud — Apple acquired, then shuttered cloud-based music service LaLa, but will Apple be unveiling a cloud music service of their own? perhaps?
  • Safari update — How often do you dream of a world where Safari has extensions and a built-in RSS reader? I dream about it almost every day. Could this dream become a reality?
  • iPhone 4 heading for Verizon — Although I thought the chances of this happening are slim — since Verizon has denied it, and Apple has a contract with AT&T through 2010 — recent developments may have changed my mind.
  • Mac Mini refresh — It's been a long time since the Mini got a facelift, and with the sudden shortage on the shelves, it could be high time for a Mac Mini resurgence.
  • Mac Pro, Air updates — With the lower-priced MacBooks and MacBook Pros having just received an update, rumor has it that the top-of-the-line Mac Pros will be getting some shiny new innards, and the MacBook Air could get a much needed boost as well.

Me? I think it's going to be all about the iPhone 4, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and Mac Pro and Air refreshes, while the Mac Mini, and MobileMe changes are less likely. I don't think Apple will implement an iPhone partnership with Verizon immediately, but I do think we may be seeing the move sooner than we think — maybe even a due date announced today. Which of these predictions do you think will come to pass at today's WWDC keynote presentation?

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