With all the electronics and cords at my house, I really appreciate good-looking charging stations. Last year, designer Anna Falkenmark introduced her Contactbox, which received mixed results from our corner of the world.

Personally, I think it's great, but — and this is my problem with pretty much every charging station — where do you keep it? It asks for a horizontal space to place it on, which I can't give up in a small place, and I imagine that even if you're in a bigger space, where you put it is still a problem.

Enter Falkenmark's Wall-Mounted Contactbox! This charging station can be mounted on the wall while discreetly hiding your cord mess inside the door. Elastic cords keep your devices flush against the front. That's sort of where I get scared though — can I trust it to not drop my iPhone (not that I haven't already dropped it a million times, and she keeps tickin')? I'd feel better about putting my more lightweight BlackBerry Curve onto it, but still — please don't drop my babies.