The watch phone is one of those cheesy gadgets of yesterday's movies come to reality, but they are still largely relegated to novelty stores. Even so, large companies like LG and Samsung have offered their versions of watch phones over the years in the hopes that we'll want to let our inner James Bond (or Inspector Gadget) come out. Would you slap one of these on your wrist?

Clockwise from left: The W Phonewatch ($200) from Kempler & Strauss comes with a Bluetooth-enabled Communicator for handsfree chatting and features a 1.5-inch touchscreen, camera, music player, and texting capabilities. The bare-bones Burg Watch Phone in Midnight Black ($100) takes it back to old-school with an analog numberpad. Samsung's S9110 watchphone ($716 unlocked) may be the thinnest one on the market, but, much like the similarly priced LG GD910 ($650 unlocked), it is still jam-packed with all the cell phone features you've come to expect, like a camera, music player, calendar, and Bluetooth. Newest on the market, the Rebel Swap Watch in Black ($230) has many of the same features and a shape that may have people thinking you're wearing your Nano.