Arrrrrrhh ya feeling geeky? If you're a Cult of Mac-er you'll be pleased to learn you can now watch “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” the 1999 made for TV 1999 movie about the beginning of the beef between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, for free on Google video.

I can't guarantee a single pirate joke during the movie (perhaps that's why I had to insert the one above), but I can guarantee you'll wish you had a bottle of Rum when it's through to celebrate all things geeky and campy.

ER cast member Noah Wylie does his best Steve impression - which, honestly, leaves a whole lot to be desired - and Breakfast Club-er Anthony Michael Hall does his best as Gates, which means donning geeky glasses and a fluffy wig.

"The entire thing manages to be both so over-the-top and so nerdy that you can scarcely believe anyone thought it would be a good idea to greenlight it," says Cult of Mac's Pete Mortensen. Awww touche Pete, touche.