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20 Decor Shots That Deserve a Watercolor App

Feb 4 2014 - 1:46pm

If you're an art-loving techie looking to spruce up your cellphone pictures, look no more. The Waterlogue app [1] transforms your iPhone snapshots into works of art with cool watercolor filters that are truly addictive. While subjects like city skylines and natural settings are expectedly fail-proof, our favorite things to shoot are much closer to home. We put this theory to the test by highlighting 20 unexpectedly awesome shots of domestic life — all decidedly framable. Take a look to see which snap-worthy moments you might be missing!

The Front of Your House

Whether it's your first home or an apartment you rent, it's filled with memories that you'll want to cherish.

Source: Instagram user rebeccawwarren [2]

A Favorite Flower

Capture the beauty of your favorite bloom with a close-up shot. Bonus points if it's against a dark background.

Source: Instagram user image_de_fond [3]

A Stunning Light Fixture

You don't need a fresco ceiling to make this a frame-worthy shot, just a gorgeous light.

Source: Instagram user ashleighdawn07 [4]

New Kicks

What shoe lover doesn't want to commemorate a new purchase? Shoot them against a patterned rug, and you're set.

Source: Instagram user adelelikethesinger [5]

A Vintage Score

You haggled for it, so celebrate by snapping a picture of your vintage score in its rightful home.

Source: Instagram user sararay_interiordesign [6]

Beautiful Bowls

Since they're usually filled with food, take a moment to capture the patterns of your prettiest set of bowls.

Source: Instagram user beth_maloney_ [7]

Your Proudest Green Thumb Moment

Is your hydrangea bush finally thriving? Take a picture to remember your gardening success.

Source: Instagram user hollycraft [8]

An Elegant Tablescape

You worked hard to set that table, so waterlogue it! You can't go wrong with rose-colored candlesticks, fresh florals, and gold flatware.

Source: Instagram user classic_vintage_rentals [9]

A Patterned Rug

Antique rugs are rich with color and pattern — the perfect backdrop for a detailed shot.

Source: Instagram user lnseatter [10]

Baking Success

Before you cut the cake, celebrate your inner Martha with a quick picture.

Source: Instagram user cakewalkbaking [11]

A Precious Moment

She won't be able to take a bath in the sink forever or sit still long enough for a painted portrait, so take it while you can.

Source: Instagram user dnaphotographywny [12]

A Family Heirloom

Great grandma's ginger jar is a fail-proof subject.

Source: Instagram user markdsikes [13]

Your Party Side

Even when happy hour isn't possible, a snapshot of your home bar will remind you to have fun.

Source: Instagram user notetosarah [14]

A Bowl of Fruit

A bowl of bright cuties against your favorite tablecloth is still life at its best.

Source: Instagram user gin_moon [15]

Your Pet

Finding beauty in the mundane moments, like taking your pooch on a bathroom walk, can brighten a day.

Source: Instagram user ashlev006 [16]

Your Design Risks That Paid Off

Your choice of paint color may have raised some eyebrows, but silence the naysayers with a shot of the dazzling end result.

Source: Instagram user yeslets [17]

A Neighborhood Ride

Even a cruise on your bike can be artsy with the right angle. A bird's-eye view might be our favorite action shot — what better way to showcase a brick street?

Source: Instagram user luluyelton [18]

DIY Motivation

If learning how to sew is on your bucket list, get motivated by framing a picture of your dream machine . . . a mint-green Singer.

Source: Instagram user gertrudemade [19]

Your Fanciest Space

It might not get as much foot traffic as the kitchen or TV room, but pay homage to a formal spot in your home with a beautiful picture.

Source: Instagram user katherine8306 [20]

You and Your Yard

Blink and guests might just think it's a picture of you strolling through a lush jungle. Only you know better.

Source: Instagram user nicholerapuano [21]

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