Do you know what a watermark is? I'm sure you have seen them on a few geeksugar posts, but do you know what are they used for? A watermark is used to tell people who the photos belong to, and especially helpful if you don't want anyone else using them without your permission. But it's not only blogs or businesses that use watermarks, you can use them too — even in photos you've uploaded to Flickr — to protect your copyrights.

Which is why using PicMarkr is so easy — just upload the photo you want to watermark (from Flickr, from your TeamSugar account, or from your computer), select what type of watermark you want (either text that you type in, or by uploading a logo), and you're done! You can even send your newly watermarked photo from PicMarkr right into Flickr, making it super simple to brand your best work.