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Waterproof Laptop: Necessity or Novelty?

I've certainly had my fair share of spills and accidents on my laptop and computer keyboard. Thankfully companies like Sony Japan are realizing that a simple coffee and tea break can turn into a disaster if your laptop were to get spilled on. Featured on Gearfuse, this VAIO type G notebook uses a built-in drainage system to protect your laptop from liquid. In the event of a spill, it will automatically turn off—although I'm curious to know whether this will prevent electrical shortages and corrosion. The LCD screen is also said to withstand scratches, making this laptop quite the durable little gadget. The G notebooks are set to go on sale October 6th in Japan with a price tag of $1500 and upwards, depending on personal customization. While a good investment for travelers and people who work outdoors, it may not be for everyone. Would you pay a premium for a waterproof laptop? Waterproof laptop: necessity or novelty? Leave your answer and comments below!

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