An energy meter sounds responsible but not sexy — and one other thing would keep me from buying it, normally — that fact that I don't think I'd be patient enough to read it to figure out how much electricity I was actually using and whether my household was going over its limit. But I won't worry about that with the Wattson Home Energy Meter because it measures and presents your energy uses in dollars, which is what your bill will cost!

You don't have to waste time converting anything or remembering how many units you consumed last month, which meant you had $50 bill, carry the one, etc. Just how much energy you're using in cold, hard cash (and depending on where you are, you can set it to read in dollars, euros, yen, and pounds stirling). You can also store and download your energy history to keep track of it — and the Wattson is both PC and Mac compatible!

Green dreams, everyone.