I have been sitting on the treasure that is 3191.VisualBlogging.com, for longer than I can bare. Having found it on the third day of January, that's saying a lot. The site is a project of two friends, Stephanie and Mav, that live, wait for it, 3191 miles apart. Every morning they each take a picture of themselves, their house, their newspaper, their breakfast and post them side-by-side so they can feel connected to one another.

Though their message is simple: "we live 3191 miles apart. We like to get up early." The result of their efforts to connect with one another offers a stunningly colorful and poignant look at friendship, mornings and the ways in which technology can bring us each other. Viewers can comment on their pictures and share in the experience with the two. I plan on checking the site every day for the rest of the year - just being an onlooker to their experiment is fun enough for me. The photos below showcase the beauty of the site, but for the full effect check it out yourself.

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