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Website of the Day: Apostrophe Me

Sometimes I just like things explained simply, in good old-fashioned plain English. For instance, it was so liberating when the guys from Commoncraft talked about Twitter in layman's terms, and now with a website called Apostrophe Me, you'll never misuse apostrophes again, thanks to their cute and detailed flow chart. Other things worth checking out on the site? Scroll down to take one of their fun quizzes, like the "How Many Germs Live on Your Cell Phone" test!

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Join The Conversation
locapoca locapoca 7 years
totally love it ! one of the many nice ones from (i got my apostrophe right :P)
dyskrasia dyskrasia 7 years
Haha thanks for the tip, aniline! I love this guy. He's the one who did the 8 Phases of Dating awhile back. Hilarious!
aniline aniline 7 years
Look at the source code! It's awesome. :D
nbednarz nbednarz 7 years
The Apostrophe thing is actually from a larger collection from This guy is pretty funny. His take on coffee, hugs and such will make you snortlaugh :)
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