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Website of the Day: Cassette From My Ex

Mixed tapes on the Internet are rising in popularity, and I know if you're of a certain age, the sight of a cassette tape on any website seduces your memories with thoughts of the boyfriends, girlfriends, and unrequited crushes that handed you one of those little rectangles, full of emotions and messages.

But while most sites merely use the lexicon or imagery of the mixtape, like Muxtape and Mixwit, there's now a site that pulls at your heartstrings and discusses the real heart of mixed tapes: Cassette From My Ex.

Cassette From My Ex's blog posts are sentimental short stories of people recalling Summer romances or young loves and the mixtape that defined them. Being someone who has practiced the art of making a mixtape (and the art of dissecting one), I understand the loadedness of each song, the vulnerability bared with each track.

Didn't think you'd get intimacy from a Website of the Day, did you?

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neko neko 9 years
Oh wow, now I want to find a cassette player so I can replay these mixtapes I have from my first boyfriend. Funny thing is, he and I still talk from time to time, and he still makes me mixtapes- just on USB drives now.
calamari calamari 9 years
I had a GF in college who used to DJ at the uni radio station. We used to make each other mixtapes ALL the time. I wish I still had them so I could submit one. Wonderful idea for a site.
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